Years of experience is applied to the design of filter networks in the range of audio to over 3GHz. Highly developed CAD, CAM and CAE cover:

Amplitude Time Delay
VSWR (or return loss) Phase tracking
Best straight line fit for any parameter S Parameter simulation
Pulse analysis for overshoot and settling time data Multiplex modeling

The company's extensive library of mature software precisely models any popular combination of network topologies simultaneously, for example; lattice in tandem with a tee network in tandem with a ladder, or multiple mutually coupled ladder networks.

A family of transfer functions, not available in the current literature, was also developed. These functions are targeted toward time delay requirements with efficient stop band performance.

There is also a capability of encrypting filter types by separating their transfer functions into two isolated filters. Individually they do not appear of interest, but give the desired transfer characteristic when cascaded.


For special requirements, the company manufactures crystals, in the frequency range 1 thru 160 MHz. Where economy, precision, temperature and/or small size are important, special purpose dual resonators are used.

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